Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New best friend

From a dogs perspective
While I was recovering my from knee surgery, my mother came up to stay a few days and help out around the house. Taking care of the dogs was the biggest help of all. Lets just say three dogs, two of which are as big as mooses (according to my mother) + a girl on crutches who has bumb wheel (according to Brian) = trouble. For those few days my mother was my saving grace. Not to mention I had an added bonus of spending quality, eventful free time with her. And thanks to me she is now an regular viewer of Will and Grace reruns.

Also benefiting from my mothers presence were our dogs. They became an little attachment to her hip. And anyone who knows my mother, knows she LOVES popcorn. Our two "mooses" quickly found this out and learned that staying close to her meant little handouts of popcorn bits.

Message from the "mooses": "Come back, we miss you!" grumble...grumble goes their tummies.... "And your popcorn bits!"


And where was Dillion during all of this? Nestled cozily on the dog bed, comfy as could be, blissfully unaware what has happening around the corner.

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Keri said...

Who knew mooses like popcorn so much! ;-) I love how they rest their chins right on her!