Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a show

Forest Hills Presbyterian Church
This past Saturday I tried my hand at my very first art and craft show. I loved it! After working nonstop for three nights on my frames and birdhouses (why oh why do I wait till the last minute) I was ready to go. Frames were glued and sprayed, birdhouses mounted, car packed and my tummy was feeling a little nervous. Set-up was Friday evening and the show began first thing Saturday morning. Brian, he is truly such a good sport, tagged along for moral support and to do the heavy lifting. By the end of the day I had sold two birdhouses, nine frames and five magnets! I was so happy; so was Brian because it meant less to pack up. People had some really nice things to say about my work which helped ease my nerves. And I want to especially thank everyone at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church who helped with the show; you were so nice and organized and I cannot wait for next year.


Amy Carroll said...

Ashley, these are SO beautiful! I may have to be contacting you to purchase some for Christmas gifts!

Island Girl said...

Hey hey hey! I found you! I've been hearing about this fab photog and then I see it is you! How cool!! You're pics are fabulous. I've got your blog bookmarked!