Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Buck Down

Opening day 2008
One of the many things that Brian and I have in common is that we both enjoy hunting. He is much more dedicated than me, but I was really looking forward to this year because opening day fell on a Saturday. Our freezer is looking pretty bare and since we rarely eat beef, venison this year is a necessity. We headed out to the woods a little after 6 in the morning all bundled up for a long day in the woods. Brian and I sit together and I was "it" for the day. Lucky for me, a nice 5 point came in range. Brian and I were both so excited we about fell out of the treestand we were shaking so hard. Brian even got the whole thing on video. He may not be the biggest buck ever, but I am pretty proud of him!

I couldn't have done it without him; love you Brian!


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Karin Schueller said...

That is so awesome!!

Genevieve McKeiver Photography said...

Nice, Charlie says congrats! I think he is a little jealous