Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little bit of nature

Kingston Lake in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula
This summer while vacationing by Grand Marais with Brian's family we discovered a hidden gem. Kingston Lake Campground. It is situated on Kingston Lake, with only 15 camping sites, all rustic. Now, rustic I normally don't do; but I tend to make allowances when we are in the Upper Pensinsula. The serenity and beauty make up for no running water, blow dryer and electric. If nothing else, waking up to this view every morning was just wonderful!Photobucket

While we were there, we noticed a pair of sandhill cranes flying over our campsite every evening. Brian and I decided to head out in our boat and find where they landed. Sure enough, off of a little island, they were out by the water wandering around in the grass. I was so excited to be able to capture these magnificant birds with my camera and to be able to get so close. They didn't even seem to mind we were there.





luv4sams said...

Oh Ashley, you are so talented!

Keri said...

Those pictures of the birds are amazing!

- Kasa from the nest.