Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Art of Being Graceful

or not so much...
One thing Brian and I both share is a love for the outdoors. We also have become frequent travelers of the Upper Peninsula. Many people head south, especially during the winter months, or west. But ah, yes, Brian and I always find ourselves heading north. This February, we headed to Marquette to stay with some friends for the dogsled races. While there we took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Friday and headed up Sugarloaf. Sugarloaf is this incredible mountain offering spectacular views of Marquette and Lake Superior.

We followed the well worn trail to the top; however, Brian decided to "blaze trail" on the way back down. Kaytee and I followed, a little reluctant to the terrian beneath our snowshoes, but were up for an adventure. One area in particular proved challenging. Our choices: jump or slide. Kaytee and I chose slide; Brian chose jump. Lets just say jumping didn't work out as planned for Brian. He neglected to take into consideration his snowshoes, which toe picked into the snow. Any laughing you may hear was out of complete love.

Two things the video fails to show:
1) The jump off the rock was about 9-10 foot drop. For this reason, Kaytee and I chose the alternative method of sliding down to the left of the rock.
2) My camera, yes MY CAMERA, was tucked in Brian's coat hanging around his neck. I realized this about 5 seconds into the laughter which turned into panic. Thankfully, no damage. And yes, lessons have been learned.

Enjoy! And if you find yourself laughing, it's okay, Brian will never know.

p.s. Blog post later this week with pictures and full trip report, I promise.


This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Hey what fun! I would have freaked about the camera thing though! Glad it's okay!
I went to college up at Northern and spent many days hiking Sugarloaf and beyond. Just a beautiful place!

Karin Schueller said...

I was totally smiling reading this...until I came to the camera, where I got very nervous and held my breath until I read it was okay. lol Yes, I'm serious! Glad to hear hubby AND the camera are okay. :)

p.s. How often do you actually get to have this stuff recorded??? lol Watch out, he may have it ready pointe on you next ;)